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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DAY 20 - Grand Northern, Day 14 - Madison to Sioux Falls

Another driving day..

* Left pretty early to get a start on the driving - leaving Madison (Wisconsin) and heading to the Sioux Falls (South Dakota). The scenery was really nice - Camille told us the government actually pays the people to keep the place looking really green and scenic. Wisconsin only has a population of 300,000 I think it was, and the majority of the land is untouched landscape. We drove through heaps of luscious green, hilly landscapes with pine trees and farms, as well as a massive wind mill farming area.

* We made a pit-stop at the Spam Museum! which was quite a good novelty stop to break the monotony. The museum was actually pretty cool, but I still won’t eat spam.

* We then headed to the Sioux Falls (said ‘sue’ falls) or Falls Park - a sacred native American spot. It was pretty much just a waterfall - which was pretty nice, but it seemed like a long drive just to see this. Took a few photos and had a break then got back on the bus to head to the hotel.

* We went out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Incas which was quite good (what I was eager enough to eat). Today we also started playing the game ‘assassin’ so people where being ‘killed’ in the restaurant which was pretty funny (I was killed early on on the bus). After dinner we went back to the hotel, with the option of going to karaoke, seeing a movie across the road or heading back to the hotel. There weren’t any movies on for a while, so I headed back to the hotel and relaxed for the night.

Another pretty boring day on the bus. The scenery was pretty nice and it was good to see some of the American Midwest, but it gets a bit hard to enjoy a bus ride that long.

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