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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DAY 2 - New York, New York

* Got up early (about 8am) to go exploring the city. My plan was to wander around and make my way to the Rockefeller Centre. I ended up seeing:

- Chrysler building

- the New York subway (MTA)

- New York library

- Grand Central Station

- Bryant Park

- heaps of yellow taxis!

- 5th Avenue, and a whole lot of other really cool and iconic places.

* Eventually ended up in Times Square without realising it. It was pretty amazing/overwhelming even during the day. Went into the Wonka shop, a massive Toys’R’Us, the Disney Store and lots of other cool and brightly lit shops. Also bought a Jumba Juice which was really good!

* Next I walked down to Rockefeller Centre, via the National Puerto Rican Day parade which was going along 5th Avenue. I went past the Radio City Music Hall and NBC studios on the way which where both pretty cool, then got to Rockefeller Plaza!

* Rockefeller Centre was really cool - just like on TV. I walked around it for a while, then went inside the NBC Experience Store which was awesome! They had so much stuff to buy from all my favourite TV shows. I ended up buying a Friends t-shirt, 30 Rock mug and keyring and a House ball for the bro.

* Next I headed back to Times Square to go to the Harry Potter exhibition at the Discovery Centre which was pretty awesome. It had all the costumes, wands and props form all the movies which was cool. Wished I had of gotten the audio guide though because there wasn’t much information in the exhibit, just the physical items. I was going to go through again with the audio guide, but was too tired.

* I went back to the hotel to dump my stuff and ended up falling asleep for about 2 hours. After my nap, I went out to get some dinner and ended up going to Madam Tussaud’s wax museum which was pretty cool. Had heaps of cool (and slightly creepy) statues - took photos of nearly all of them. They also played a relaly cool 4D movie prevuiew of Happy Feet 2 where they sprayed water on you, had virbtraing seats, 3D screen and wind blowing on you in sync with the movie.

* After Madam Tussaud’s I walked through Times Square and did a bit more shopping (at Forever 21) then headed back to the hotel. Grabbed some McDonald’s on the way home and had an awkward ordering situation. Took it back to the hotel to eat while watching TV. Had to plan the bus trip to Washington DC so didn’t get to bed until about 4am, exhausted.

Overall a pretty awesome day. Very tiring and overwhelming but amazing. All the things were just like they were on TV, except in real life! I was smiling to myself pretty much all day. Would have been good to share it with someone though.

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