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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DAY 1 - Sydney to New York via Dallas

* Got to the airport at around 11:00am and queued up to get my tickets. Saw Benji Marshall in the line next to me and made awkward eye contact with him for a second until I realised who it was.

* Said goodbye to the family - mum started crying (surprise!) and I awkwardly hugged Dad and sis (on account of my hate of public displays of affection and my bad mood). Went through customs and got on the plane. Sat in the middle seat between two old/middle aged ladies.

* Gross airplane food. Crap sleep (no leg room). Watched a few movies and tv shows on the in flight entertainment and listened to music. I tried to stay awake on the flight so I wouldn’t be jetlagged but realised I probably should have slept because they had planned the flight to serve meals and sleep as if it was US time. My bad.

* Got to Dallas (was 38 degrees and pretty plain/barren), went through customs, had a cheeseburger and Gatorade (first American purchases) then took the airbus to the terminal and found out the flight had been delayed by an hour and 10 minutes, which later turned into 2 hours which meant I wouldn’t get to NY until about 10:30.

* Flight from Dallas to New York on American Airlines. The American people on the plane were really loud, the flight attendant was really happy and was telling jokes (reminded me of Karen from Will and Grace Рbig hair and loud), and the pilot had a mustache and a really clich̩/cool voice. I slept most of the flight and woke up for the last hour (the flight was about 4 hours).

* Flew into La Guardia airport in New York (with a bit of a bumpy landing), but it was rainy and a bit foggy so I couldn’t see the NYC lights. Got in my first NY cab and arrived at the Pod Hotel at about 11:45pm. Watched a repeat of Saturday Night Live and fell asleep.

The flight wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be - seemed to go on forever though. Excited to be in New York City!

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