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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DAY 4 - New York Explorer, Day 1 - New York City

* Woke up early to get a taxi to the new hotel (the Skyline on 44th?? and 8th??) and checked in my bags. The meeting time had changed so I walked around the area for a while before meeting up with the Contiki group. We signed some forms, met our tour guide Jonah, then got on a bus to do a tour of New York City.

* We headed towards …. and drove through…

* Our first stop was… We then stopped at…

* After the bus tour, those that weren’t doing the helicopter ride could either be dropped at the shops on 34th?? St or back at the hotel. I got off at Macy’s and did some shopping there and Forever 21, H&M and a few other places. It started raining pretty heavy so I decided to try and catch the Subway back to the hotel, but couldn’t find the right line to get so decided to try and walk back instead. It was taking longer than I thought so I ended up taking a cab back to the hotel and started getting ready for dinner.

* We had a group dinner at …. which was pretty nice but a bit awkward because I was squished into a little booth with five strangers, but it wasn’t too bad. After dinner we headed to Times Square for the group photo. Times Square was once again pretty amazing at night. After the photo, the group headed out to a bar, so I just walked around Times Square for a while then headed back to the hotel. Later that night at about 3, I met me room-mate (Lee I think her name was) who came in drunk with a guy - awkward! Managed to get back to sleep pretty easily after that.

The bus tour was a great way to see the parts of the city that would be harder to get to on my own. Jonah was a pretty good tour guide and had some interesting facts along the way. I got to see pretty much all the famous landmarks and places in NYC and learnt a lot about the city, so now I can plan what I want to do for the rest of my time in New York.

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