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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DAY 23 - Grand Northern, Day 17 - Mt. Rushmore to Cody

* Got up pretty early today to get an an early start for the big driving day. Left Mt. Rushmore (South Dakota) and headed towards Cody (Wyoming). Camille played the second half of Dances with Wolves but I fell asleep yet again (semi-asleep anyway).

* We made our first stop at Devils Tower (Wyoming) which is a massive rock that comes out of the ground with ‘scratch marks’ all around its sides. We did a quick hike around the tower (about 40 minutes) then got back on the bus.

* We drove for a bit longer then stopped for lunch. Went into Walmart (yay!) and got some snacks and some 4th of July gear. Had Subway for lunch then back to the bus. We watched National Treasure Part 2 on the bus which was actually quite good, because it included some of the things we had been to so far.

* After driving for another few hours, and through some pretty amazing scenery we got to Cody, got changed into our cowboy gear and headed off to the rodeo. The rodeo was pretty cool - everyone got into it quite a bit. We stayed there for a couple of hours, but had to leave a bit early (just as the bulls came on) which sucked. Went back to the hotel, packed then went to bed.

The driving part of the day was quite painful, but I really liked the Rodeo. It was nice driving through all the mountains and rivers (got to see the Rocky Mountains covered in snow) and getting to see the amazing scenery that went on for ages.

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